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At the River Institute, we excel in executing comprehensive field projects, encompassing every stage from study design to report delivery. Our experienced field biologists conduct surveys, sample collection, and taxonomic identification, ensuring accuracy and reliability.  


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Freshwater Fish 

The River Institute boasts one of Ontario’s most extensive datasets of freshwater fish assemblages in the St Lawrence River. Our staff, trained by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Fish Identification Workshops, as well as years of applied field studies, possess the skills necessary for accurate identification of Ontario’s freshwater fishes and mussels. 

Freshwater Benthos  

Our taxonomists are certified in Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) protocols and have extensive experience conducting taxonomic identification and analyses of freshwater benthic invertebrate communities.

Data Analysis, Reporting & Communications 

In addition to taxonomic expertise, the River Institute provides comprehensive support for aquatic biomonitoring projects. Our services include data interpretation, statistical analysis, data visualization, mapping, report writing, and science communication and outreach. 

Taxonomy Training 

Our expert research scientists and technicians offer comprehensive training sessions utilizing their extensive specimen collections. These sessions aim to impart practical, hands-on knowledge in species identification, enhancing participants’ proficiency in the field. Our training includes OBBN-certified instructors for freshwater benthos. 

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