The River Award is presented each year by the River Institute Board of Directors. The award recognizes an individual, organization or company that shows leadership in environmental awareness, conservation and respect for the St. Lawrence River and its watersheds. If you know of an individual or business that meets this criteria, please submit a nomination.

Our community programs help us connect with our neighbours and build a deeper local appreciation for the vital scientific, social and economic importance of our river ecosystems.

Chris Moran and Abraham Francis holding a plaque with all of the names of River Award winners

River Award recipients

2024 – Patricia O’Hara

2023 – Abraham Francis

2022 – Chris Moran

2021 – Dr. Robin Poole, C.M.

2020 – Chris Critoph

2019 – Melanie Baker Brown

2018 – Joe Belmonte

2017 – Upper St. Lawrence Protection Network

2016 – Dave Merpaw

2015 – Kate Schwartz

2014 – Susan and John Towndrow

2013 – Dr. David Lean and Dr. Peter Hodson

2012 – Lydia Johnson

2011 – Walter Oeggerli

2010 ­– Henry Lickers

2009 – Elaine Kennedy