What is Water Festival ?

The Eastern Ontario Children’s Water Festival is a bilingual, full day environmental education program designed to complement the Ontario Curriculum.  The purpose of the program is to educate young people about the value and fragility of our water resources.

The Festival features approximately twenty-five, hands-on Water Discovery Centers that address five different water related themes: Water Conservation, Water Protection, Water Attitude, Water Technology, and Water Science.  Within these themes, a variety of other issues are presented such as: groundwater and wells; septic systems; hydropower; contaminants in rivers and lakes; and invasive species.


Who benefits?

The Eastern Ontario Children’s Water Festival attracts participants from both urban and rural areas across Eastern Ontario.  The program is unique in its ability to provide bilingual opportunities for students to participate in scientific and environmental educational activities.  The Water Festival provides students and teachers access to resources and hands-on programs that would not otherwise be available to them.  The Festival can accommodate a maximum of 250 participants each day.  By holding a festival to educate children and improve their water ideology, we believe we are taking an important step towards ensuring a safe water supply for generations to come.


How does it work?

The Eastern Ontario Children’s Water Festival is funded entirely by grants and donations that are solicited annually by the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences.  Continuation of the existing festival is dependent on funds raised.  Each festival involves at least 60 volunteers per day, including high school teachers, secondary school students, environmental organizations (i.e. conservation authorities and stewardship councils), and other community volunteers who help deliver the water-related messages and activities.

Location: River Institute, St. Lawrence College Campus
Language: Bilingual
Dates:  October 3rd 2018 (English) et October 4th 2018 (Bilingual)
Times: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Lieu: Ferme Drouin, Casselman COMPLET
Langue: Français
Dates: 17 et 18 mai 2018
Heures: 9:30 à 13:30

Location: Spencerville Fairgrounds
Language: English
Dates: May 10-11
Time: 9:30am to 1:30pm

For more information contact:

Cristina Charette, MSc

Cristina Charette, MScBiologist, Education Coordinator

+1 613-936-6620 ext 232

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