Annual Symposium of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Ecosystem Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ecosystem Science on the St. Lawrence River

In 2018, River Institute is celebrating its 25th Anniversary of our Annual Great Lakes/St. Lawrence River Ecosystem Symposium.

May 30 -31, 2018

Our symposium series began in 1993 (one year before River Institute was founded) as a means to bring scientists and communities together to discuss freshwater issues.  We will celebrate our 25th Anniversary with the original conference theme, ‘Sharing Knowledge ~ Linking Sciences’.  This theme celebrates our founding partners and neighbours, the Mohawks of Akwesasne, and will highlight projects and programs that link ecosystem science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).  We seek to develop a heightened awareness of the value of TEK and the stories that define our history as important pathways to engage people in environmental issues and inspire scientific inquiry and research, as has been our experience at River Institute.
Full 2018 Symposium schedule coming soon. 

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For more information contact: Christina Collard
Symposium Coordinator info[at]riverinstitute.ca


Ontario Power Generation Visitor Center

2500B 2nd Street W, Cornwall, ON K6H 5R6

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