Responding to the needs of an Area of Concern

The Great Lakes Remedial Action Plan Program was created in 1987 from the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between Canada and the United States. The agreement requires both countries to commit to an ecosystem approach for restoring and protecting environmentally degraded zones known as Areas of Concern (AOC).

An AOC is defined as a geographic area that has beneficial use impairments that could affect the ability of the area to support aquatic life. There are a total of 43 Great Lakes AOCs in the US and Canada, and one of them is the St. Lawrence River at Cornwall.

River Institute was founded in response to this AOC designation and the need for locally based research to address the priorities of the Remedial Action Plan. Over the years, River Institute has maintained active involvement in the Remedial Action Plan and associated committees.

For more information:

Remedial Action Plan Transition Coordinator, St. Lawrence River (Cornwall)
613-936-6620 ext 229