Canada C3 is coming for a Cleanup!

Cornwall, Ontario is one of only 3 inland Ontario coastal communities that have been chosen with the St. Lawrence River Institute to host the ice breaker vessel and this special crew.

Canada C3 will dock in Cornwall Harbour on June 8 in celebration of World Ocean’s Day. Come and participate in a full day of interactive and cross cultural water related environmental activities, tours, and education stations for all ages. The day will also include a River Cleanup event and a Science and Nature Speaker session on the ship.

Cleanup Count Down

June 8th 2017

Get Involved,

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Want to help with a cleanup?

A Great River Runs Through Us

This film is about individual empowerment, community involvement, and supporting environmental action. We hope after watching this film you will be inspired to take action in your communities and have more of an understanding of the importance of protecting water sources.

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A Great River Runs Through Us, Filmed and Produced by Vince Pilon. Runtime: 33 minutes

A Great River Runs Through Us follows the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences and the Upper St. Lawrence River Protection Network as they work with over 400 volunteers to hold a community cleanup. Out of grass root beginnings it turned into something with a life of its own.

A Great River Runs Through Us, was filmed during the summer of 2016 as it follows the 5 Cleanups undertaken by the community. During the Cleanups the Upper St. Lawrence River Protection Network worked together with the Adopt a street volunteers, Cornwall Lunker Club and the local Seaway Valley Divers club to accomplish something special.

2017 Dates!

If your interested in helping with the Cleanups, don’t forget to register below as a volunteer. (Click the Image to enlarge)

2017 Photos

2017 Stats are in!

The following numbers were collected from the volunteer’s data cards during the May 13th Cleanup.

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