El-Amine Mimouni

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

(613) 936-6620 x 306

amimouni [at] riverinstitute.ca


I obtained my BSc at the Université de Montréal in the Biological Sciences department. After that, I obtained my PhD under a co-direction between Université de Montéal and Université du Québec à Montréal. My PhD project consisted of measuring, assessing and preserving the biodiversity of zooplankton communities in urban waterbodies on the Island of Montréal. I am currently carrying out a postdoctoral fellowship at the River Institute.

Research interests:

I am mainly interested in the measure and preservation of both aquatic biodiversity and water quality. My research uses numerical models and methods to obtain quantitative results and test ecological hypotheses.


The River Environment and Sensor Observation Network (REASON) project: In order to address the need for a better water quality monitoring capacity, a prototype observational platform was set up inside the Moses-Saunders dam. The location of the REASON sensor arrays allows the project to support water quality measurements year-round, as opposed to almost all other sensor arrays in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River system that are restricted to ice-free periods of observation. This constitutes the River Environment and Sensor Observation Network (REASON) project.


Mimouni, E. A., Pinel-Alloul, B., & Beisner, B. E. (2015). Assessing aquatic biodiversity of zooplankton communities in an urban landscape. Urban Ecosystems 18(4): 1353-1372.

Mimouni, E. A., Beisner, B. E., & Pinel-Alloul, B. (2016). Phylogenetic diversity and its conservation in the presence of phylogenetic uncertainty: a case study of cladoceran communities in urban waterbodies. Biodiversity and Conservation 25(11): 2113-2136.